No Child Left Behind In The Shining Star Programs

Let's Leave No One Behind For The Holidays

What We Can Offer

You will be amazed at the quality of our programs. 

Virtual Learning Program

We offer one of the top virual learning programs in the United States.

Assist-Ed Program

Our Assist-Ed programs offer unparalleled parent-teacher collaboration programs.

Parent-Student Support Program

We exceed expectations in providing exceptional support for our parent-student programs. 

STEP 1: Safer @ Home 

. Fully Remote Learning.
. No Students In Building

STEP 2: Families First

. 2 Days In-Person(by family)      
. 3 Days Virtual Learning

STEP 3: Back To School

. Students Return To School
. Virtual Option Anticipated.

We Invest In The Future

Your Child Is A Shining Star

Virtual Learning



Day Care

Meal Program

Parent Incentive Program

Shining Star Christian Schools

The vision is for hundreds of children to hear about their Savior on a daily basis while receiving a high quality education.

Shining Star Christian Schools

3 Locations 

Shining Star Christian School


4050 N. 95th St

St. James Lutheran 2028 N. 60th St.

St. James Lutheran 

2028 N. 60th St.

Shining Star Christian School 137 N. 66th St.


137 N. 66th St.